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TEN - The Name Of The Rose - CD TEN returned to the studio to work on the second album. As mentioned above Gary really already had the songs to go, but there was some last minute changes ( Wings Of The Storm, Turn Around, The Rainbow ) as songs were added and changes made to the running order. The Name Of The Rose was released at the end of 1996, and again proved as popular as the debut. Burrn gave it another 95% & Hard Roxx another 10/10. In Japan the album sold 30,000 copies in the first 10 days. The album also started to show elements of Gary's 'conceptual' tendencies with a strong Egyptian feel, especially the spoken "Pharaoh's Prelude".
With the ballistic success of both the albums, Ten's first 'full' tour was arranged for the end of 1996 & early 1997, calling at London ( appearing as support to John Wetton ), Bremen, Ludwigsburg, Munich, Landau, Offenbach, Hamburg, Bradford, Mansfield, Nottingham, Manchester, Tokyo, & Osaka. There was, however, a change in the line up for the tour. Gone was "Shelley" and in came Andrew "Drew" Webb. TEN - Name Of The Rose Tour - Backstage - John Halliwell, Greg Morgan, Gary Hughes, Ged Rylands, Tez Durrant, Vinny Burns, Andrew Webb
TEN - Bootleg - The Rainbow In The Rose - CD Japan also saw the release of the first TEN CD Single when "The Name Of The Rose" was issued as an EP. This includes a Karaoke version of "The Name Of The Rose"!

The Ten shows in Japan were a phenomenal success and within weeks of the gigs a Ten bootleg "The Rainbow In The Rose" was out and about in Japan.
TEN - EP - The Name Of The Rose

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