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The Debut Album & Gods 1996

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TEN actually started out as a continuation of Gary Hughes solo career. After the successful release of Gary Hughes / Gary Hughes ( NTHEN 1 ), which were, in essence, a set of AOR / Melodic Rock demo's, Gary started to record his follow up album at the end of '93.
Gary Hughes It wasn't long before this became two albums as Gary, being the prolific songwriter that he is, ended up recording 28 songs for Now & Then. There was even a small debate of releasing two albums at the same time, one a ballad orientated album & a second rockier album.
While Gary's band were good performers on the 'live' circuit, he felt that he needed to get 'world class' musicians in for the studio work. In addition both Gary and Now & Then felt that they needed someone to do the business with the guitars, to really help emphasise the feel of the album. With the album originally being planned to be mixed in the US, guitarists such as Doug Aldritch, Lenny Cordola, or Ralph Sontola were all early contenders for the role. However when it was decided to lay the guitar tracks down in England, someone mentioned Vinny Burns.
Gary & Vinny had previously met at on of Gary's gigs in Manchester, and had both agreed they should 'do something together'. It just had taken a few years for it to happen. Vinny came down to the studio ( living only about 20 minutes away from Gary was an extra bonus ), and the rest is history. Vinny Burns
l-r : Vinny Burns, Greg Morgan, Gary Hughes While originally still going to be a Gary Hughes project, the addition of Vinny and the fact that Mike Stone ( Journey, Danger Danger, Foreigner, etc ) was going to mix these albums, the project evolved to firstly a Burns/Hughes project, and then to a full band project. TEN were officially born. During '95 the band evolved further when it was felt 'that the drum sound could be improved', and soon two became three when Vinny bought in fellow ex-Dare member Greg Morgan.
Released in 1996, the official line up for the debut was Gary Hughes, Vinny Burns, & Greg Morgan. TEN - X was an almost immediate success especially in Japan which was to become Ten's most successful market. Frontiers Magazine rated the album as "quite simply an essential purchase that will have patriotic melodic rock fans dusting down their union jacks to usher in a new era of British rock talent and I urge every one of you to join the party." 9/10. Japan's Burrn magazine gave the album a whopping 95%, unheard of for a debut album. In Japan the band sold 9500 copies on the day of release ( with only 18000 being pressed ). TEN - X. The debut CD
TEN l-r: Greg Morgan, Martin Shelton, Vinny Burns, Gary Hughes, Ged Rylands, John Halliwell TEN still needed to have a live band, so Vinny called in yet another ex-Dare member Martin "Shelley" Shelton. In addition they were joined by John Halliwell and Ged Rylands who were brought into the fold from Manchester band KAGE and quickly settled right in with the others.
The band headlined Now & Then's Gods '96 show ( which I had to miss due to a friends wedding ). The set included most of the debut album plus the added bonus of Journey's "Stone In Love". Unfortunately they were cursed with 'sound' gremlins, however TEN coped & overcame the problems admirably.

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